Charlotte Norah Jenkins (charlotte_j) wrote in matchboxicons,
Charlotte Norah Jenkins

Hi there!!!!

Hi! I'm new in the community, and happy to be here. I show you my newest colorbar ^^ hope you like it! Because it's not an icon, I'll understand if the moderators delete the post, so i'm sorry if i'm bothering you. For the moment, I hope to make some icons and post them ^^

The next one needs an explanation: Angsty because if you notice it, Rob Thomas, in most of his video-clips, is suffering some kind of pain, angst... (Bent, Push, Mad Season, This Is How A Heart Breaks...) and he's some kinda lovely <33

Rob Thomas is Angsty Love ♥

Song: This Is How A Heart Breaks - Rob Thomas
Mood: Pleased
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